Whitefish Bay

The Village of Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin is a vibrant community of 14,000 people located about five miles north of downtown Milwaukee on bluffs above Lake Michigan. It is primarily residential, with a retail strip located on Silver Spring Drive. Over one hundred years ago, however, the village was much different.  It was a mostly rural farming community in which its residents cultivated and sold produce to meet the needs of the growing City of Milwaukee.  Over time, these rural families also set up a commercial enterprise, fishing the waters of the Bay.  The fish they predominantly caught was the whitefish - hence the name of the Community.

Today, stately homes exist alongside early farm houses.  Interesting shops are located in the Village's vibrant Silver Spring commercial district.  The community is also served with excellent schools along with numerous churches, clubs and organizations -- all making it an attractive place to live.

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Courtesy of the Whitefish Bay Historical Society

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