Bayside was once an area comprised of a few large homes, summer cottages and farms. In 1911, the original Donges and Usinger estates were marked by the stone lion gates which currently stand at the corner of Lake Drive and Fairy Chasm Road. In 2007, the lion gates were recognized for historical designation. Today Bayside comprises approximately 2.39 square miles. About 81% of the total acreage is zoned for residential use, 15% is natural conservancy, and 4% comprises commercial, recreational, and transportation use.

A popular Bayside attraction is the Schlitz Audubon Nature Center, which has a history dating back to the turn of the century. The center formerly was known as the Nine Mile Farm. The farm land was accumulated by the Uihlein family in a series of purchases beginning in 1885. In the beginning, the location was a working farm supplying food for the family, hay and grain for hundreds of brewery horses used to deliver beer by wagon, and a pasture and hospital for the horses in later life. After the 1930s when horses were replaced with trucks, the area remained undeveloped and was given to the Schlitz Foundation. In 1971 the foundation donated the 200 plus acres to the National Audubon Center for a nature center. Today the center offers many programs for the public.

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